These pumps are most suitable for:-
Drainage and Irrigation installations
Sewage disposal for housing colonies basement, toilet blocks etc.
Marine installations
The basic advantages of these pumps are :-
Economy in floor space
Prime mover can be mounted at an elevation as shown or at a higher elevation. Higher elevation of prime mover is possible by adding extra adaptors,transmission shaftings and intermediate bearings. This reduces the risk of submerging the Electric Motor in case of accidental flooding of the Dry Pit.
Ease of maintenance. To dismantle, the mounting cover is to be unbolted from the casing after motor has been removed. The rotor assembly is drawn out upwards. complete with stuffing box, bearing housing etc. This rotor assembly can then be completely dismantled at a convenient locations. Due to the back pull-out design choking of the impeller can also be similarly, removed easily.