For High Heads at Relatively Low Speeds
Design Features :
The HBD Multistage Multioutlet fire pump has a novel design whereby by means of special diffusers the flow from a multistage pump is channeled into two to three discharges, each giving a required flow at different pressures For instance for a 30 floor building a fire pump of say 2400 LPM flow will have 3 outlets First at .
say 8Kg, Second at 12 Kg., and final at 14 Kg. Thus by means of this pump the first hydrant riser is taken from ground to 10th floor The second from 11th to 20th floor and the third from 21st to 30th floor. Thus with the use of only one pump, various pressures are available whereby use of orifice plates is simplified or even eliminated
Advantages :
Utilisation of less space, as floor space in high rise buildings is very expensive.
Energy efficient.
One of the big advantages is that as the fire in a building is not likely to originate in all three zones, simultaneously, water under pressure at full flow is automatically diverted into the zone where the fire has occurred
Clients :
Due to the obvious benefits of this design our HBD Multistage Multioutlet Fire pumps have been selected for the following very prestigeous high rise buildings in Mumbai
1) Reserve Bank of India, Mint road.
2) Council Hall, Nariman Point
3) Stock Exchange, Fort
4) Kalpataru Heights, Bombay Central
5) Belvedere Court, Bombay Central & many more.