Sewage Pumps :  
We are manufacturing sewage pumps in horizontal spindle and vertical spindle dry pit design as also vertical wet pit design in sizes ranging from 80mm to 200mm suction and discharge for capacity from 450 litres per minute to 9,000 litres per minute and heads upto 60 meters. These pumps have been installed for many Government sewage pumping station as also in large private housing colonies, compuses and on ocean going steamers.  
Multi Stage High Head Pumps For Water :
We make high pressure Multi Stage diffuser pumps in 38mm, 80mm, 10mm, 125mm sizes for heads upto 140 metres. These pumps are used for boiler feed services, fire fighting hydrant installation and many other applications required for high heads.
Submerged Wet Pit Sump Pumps :
We make submerged sump pumps from 25mm to 200mm for sump depth upto lOmts. Pumps are ideal for drainage of muddy dirty water. Designs are available for handling slurries with acid or caustic solution, where pumps can be supplied in all stainless steel construction with teflon bearings and stainless steel hardware.
Vertical & Horizontal Monoblock Centrifugal Pumps :
We make vertical and horizontal monoblock pumps in a range from 3HP to 25HP. These are single stage volute casing pumps driven by vertical totally enclosed motors. Entire unit is dynamically balanced for smooth operation. They are available in capacity upto 2,000 litres per minute and heads upto 70 metres. Although the pumps are primarily designed for water, they can also be used tor slurries by fitting semi open impeller.
Vertical & Horizontal Submersible Borewell Pumps With Wet Motors :
We manufacture these pumps in vertical execution for use in 6" and 8" borewells and in horizontal execution for use in suction tanks for overhead tank or hydropneumatic duty. The pumps have bronze impellers, stainless steel shaft running in water lubricated rubber bearings, driven by wet motors running with windings in intimate contact with water.
Completely Submersible Sewage Pumps :
These pumps are non-clog manufactured in a range of 2HP to 50HP suitable for handling raw sewage. The pumps are driven by standard squirrel cage motor with dry winding housed in water tight cast iron housing. Sewage is prevented from entering motor by the use of spedal mechanical seals having tungston carbided faces.