The ELBI Group has four manufacturing facilities. Each unit operates independently, but there's a deep integration and cooperation among all of them.

Limena (PD)

The main plant is located in Limena and is the main reference to the industrial activities of the whole group. The total area covers more than 150.000 square meters, 53.500 of which occupied by buildings. It features the most advanced machinery and equipment available in each field where the company operates. The variety and complexity of the manufacturing activities, covering different technologies, creates the need for a flexible organization, especially on the sales/marketing activity. The three sales divisions of the company are completely separate both in terms of direct staff and in outside sales.

Opened in 1981, this manufacturing unit is split in three main sections, each one specialized in a specific type of manufacturing. Metal works cover about 70% of the activities and implements, among other technologies, cold pressing of steel , welding of carbon and stainless steels, powder coating and assemblies. Modern automated and robotic systems improve the manipulation and logistics. The flow of manufacturing is regulated by an innovative MRP system, with software developed in-house.

Vigodarzere (PD)
CAIT S.r.l.

This plant is located in Vigodarzere (PD) and its activity consists of manufacturing injection-molded rubber seals, diaphragms and bladders. All the diaphragms used by ELBI are manufactured here. The company, among 16 injection molding machines that allow molding of very large products, has its own laboratory which allows the development of new compounds as well as testing of products under extreme working conditions. Cait has the capability of manufacturing all the rubber compounds it uses, starting from raw materials, thanks to its large and well equipped "compound room". The entire manufacturing cycle, starting from the development of the compounds to the molding and final quality control, is performed in-house and therefore under total control.
Loreo (RO)
Zincatura Polesana S.p.A.

This plant is located in Loreo (RO) over a total area of 60.000 square metres, with buildings covering 18.000. Zincatura Polesana S.p.A. was established over 20 years ago as a specialized unit for hot-deep galvanizing; in recent years new installations allowed performing more metal treatment services. Now it is a modern hot-deep galvanizing plant. The company also features new equipment for the surface treatment of metals (glass-lining; epoxy-resin coating, insulation with freon-free polyurethane). The glass-lining plant, one of the largest in Italy as far as the size of products, was specifically developed for the lining of hot-water cylinders.

Houston (TX) Elbi of America, Inc.
Founded in 1990, Elbi of America is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company has a total surface of 22.000 square metres, 13.000 of which under a modern building. D-Series diaphragm well tanks are manufactured in this location. Elbi of America distributes the products of the Thermo-hydraulic division in North and Central America, and has its own sales organization.

Our enthusiasm forces us to extend our horizons. A wide range of products like ours requires knowledge and competence in several fields of technology. A constant policy of heavy investments allows Elbi to make plants, and therefore products, with high technological content and to keep this level up-to-date. Initially specialized in mechanics, our Technical Department developed during the years a remarkable level of competence with different technologies, among which are the transformation of stainless steel, the molding of rubber and plastics. Product development uses advanced CAD system and modern monitoring software. Not less important are our testing facilities and laboratories for our wide designing needs.
Quality has always been a priority to us. Our quality system allows constant monitoring of the in-house activities, both in terms of process and service. The ISO-9002 certification, obtained in 1996, is just one step towards a global process of continuous development. Even after the goal of certification was reached our quality system is being continuously updated as new technologies and manufacturing processes are being introduced. This also implies a constant improvement in the technical skills and competence of our staff. Elbi manufactures products approved by several international organizations such as TUV, Apave, WrC, IAPMO and others

Since 1996 Elbi is a member of ARM (Association of Rotational Molders) an organization gathering all the major players in the field of rotational molding. In this filed we obtained remarkable results in terms of innovation; we are able to manufacture products in original configurations and in several shades of color. Most of our new products are covered by International patents
Accumulator Vessel with replaceable bladder: definition and operation

The accumulator vessel with replaceable bladder is a device that fitted into a pressurised water system will provide system water at a pre-set, sustained pressure.

Its most common application is to supply systems in which the main supply pressure is too low and a pump is fitted to boost the pressure to an acceptable level.

As system demands take place the accumulator vessel will sustain system pressure by feeding additional water into the system at the required pressure. This process will limit the number of times the pump needs to start (pump hunting) in order that system pressure remains at the optimum level.

The process is achieved by the addition of a pre-charged nitrogen cushion at higher than atmospheric pressure within the vessel shell. This pre-charged cushion is stored between the water bladder and the inner surface of the tank. Any water pressure rise (pumping) causes the cushion to be additionally compressed.

As system demands rises the nitrogen cushion forces the water from the bladder into the system thus maintaining optimum system pressure. As the retained pressure finally exhausts system pressure falls and a pressure switch will turn the pump on, re-pressurising the system and the accumulator ready for further use.

In this way the accumulator will prevent the need for the pump to start every time there is a demand on the water system and will flatten the system pressure curve at the optimum pressure.

Elbi accumulator vessels with replaceable bladders are the result of 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of tanks in hydraulic systems. The range is currently the most complete on-the market in terms of product availability. The range has been subdivided into various series, each of which are designed for the various applications required, by modern systems technology.

All the products have been designed to comply with the most stringent international standards, mainly through the use of the latest design technology and industrial automation. The Elbi plants are in the forefront of technological solutions with regard to design, production, automated welding and robot manufacturing systems.

All manufacturing processes are carried out within the Elbi plant facilities, including bladder production, which is critical as it determines the operation, life cycle and performance of the finished product. Elbi accumulators with replaceable bladder are manufactured from the highest quality UNI standard steel plate and welded using certified materials and procedures.

The versions for water-pressurisation systems, comprising the AS, AC, AF andAFL series, come in capacities ranging from 5 to 5OOO litres. All the models have been designed to hold potable (drinking) water and each features specific technical options to prevent the liquid from coming in contact with the inner surface of the tank. Over the years Elbi has become one of the undisputed leaders in the achievement of stringent quality standards in terms of its sanitary procedures.

Both the AF and AFL series, available in 10 bar versions, are best suited to befitted in systems designed to limit overpressure.

Elbi' s decades of experience in international markets has lead to the manufacture of products that comply with a wide range of international regulations. Alongside standard models, customised configurations compliant with ASME, BS, CE and TUV standards are also available.

Elbi accumulators with replaceable bladders also come in tailored-made versions that reflect the latest evolution of the market. Special attention paid to emerging consumer requirements has lead to the implementation of the HI-NOX series, entirely made up of stainless alloy with MIG welded seams. These vessels are particularly suited for use in aggressive environments (sea, corrosive, etc.). The technical solutions used during design of these vessels make the HI-NOX series a reference standard for bladder-equipped tanks.

Financial benefits
Unlike standard air-cushioned accumulators without bladder, the accumulators with bladders feature the following advantages:
energy saving reduced number of pump start-ups
installation cost reduction of water contact means that air is no longer dispersed into the water and therefore, there is no further need to supply a compressor to restore the cushion
maintenance costs reduction only the tank pre-charge pressure has to be checked. Additionally the bladder can be replaced, disassembled and reassembled easily in a very short time
stored volume reduction space saving
water contamination risk is reduced the bladder also serves as protection against any substance suspended in the air, such as: oil, smoke, bacteria, smells, dust, etc. that may alter the qualify of wafer. Bladders are certified for alimentary use according to DIN 4807-3 standards long-lasting tank the fact that the bladder prevents water from being in direct
contact with the inner surface of the tank significantly reduces corrosion
dual purpose this type of tank will also cushion water hammer.