Microprocessor control module
•The MegacontrolŽ is a micro-processor control module, which has been developed over many years of experience in the field of designing and manufacturing of booster sets. The MegacontrolŽ has a wide range of possibilities for programming and optimizing the commandings of the pumps and pump systems.

•The Megacontrol is standard usable for controlling boostersets
with maximum of 6 pumps and is programable by means of the
front interface. This interface is protected against unautorized
use by means of a password. The text and systemvalues are continiuosly readable on on a LCD-screen. The control device is suitable for installation in the door of the control panel and is provided with a communication-poort. The control module has a CE marking and fulfils the most recent directives and has safety of operating at an ambient temperature to a maximum of 50 degrees and a relative humidity of 20-90%. The control front is provided with 6 buttons which are sealed with a foil. In this foil 2 LED's are sealed for working- and failure signals. Display through a 2x20 character LCD screen.  
Jockey pump control Pressure control optimization
Frequency control Level control receiver tank
Pressure control optimization :
• Because of the flexibility of the MegacontrolŽ it is possible to fully optimize the standard pressure control by preliminary pressure correction, system pressure correction, frixion loss correction and automatic last running time correction.
Variable speed control :
•The frequency-converter controlled pump(s) keeps the piping system at pressure until 100 % of the nominal rotation speed has been reached, after which a next pump is switched on. This repeats itself until all pumps have been switched on. At decrease of capacity the rotation of the frequency-converter controlled pump will reduce until the minimum rotation speed has been reached. The will then switch off one by one.

•The frequency controlled installation will continuously keep the setpoint value until the control signal is constant at the previously adjusted time, after which the demand value is increased with an adjustable value, and the installation is switched off. (With this increased pressure the diaphragm tank is filled for supplying small water demand at no operation.)

•The frequency controlled installation operates within a previously adjusted proportional- and integration boost (P.I.) In case of failure signals by the frequency-converter, the installation will switch over to "emergency mode" which means that the pumps will be switched on or off when the bandwidth (hysteresis) has been reached. This emergency mode runs with a preset run-on time of 30 seconds and will be automatically optimized by the Megacontrol.
Jockey pump control :
•The installation is built with one or more operational pumps which supply the totally required capacity. The jockey pump keeps the system at pressure and also delivers the first demand for water until the operational pump(s) take over the function. When the last operating pump switches off the jockey pump takes over the function again for the remaining small water demand until the switch off pressure has been reached.