Vertical multistage in-line centrifugal pumps
•High-grade product, with all wetted parts produced of stainless steel AISI 304.
•High efficiency and long working life,no considerable maintenance.
•Motor IP 55.
•Low noise level.
•Small floor space required.
•Easy replaceable mechanical seal according to DIN 24960.


•Booster sets

•Air conditioning
•Boiler feed •Sprinkler installations(jockey pump)
•Water treatment Car wash
Substrate systems Fire fighting
Irrigation Cooling water transport
Marine applications  


•Vertical multistage centrifugal pump, suitable for clean, watery liquids.
•Equipped with ceramic wear-resistant liquid lubricated bearings.
•Shaft sealing by means of easy replaceable mechanical seal.
•Pump fulfils the most recent safety regulations (CE-marking).
•Sleeve sealings by means of O-rings.
•Connections 'in-line' in two versions: oval (DPV) and DIN (DPVF) flanges.
•All hydraulic components, such as shaft pump foot etc., manufactured of stainless steel AISI 304. Base plate and motor lantern made of cast iron. Base plate protected by coating.
•Specially developed three-phase motors, 2850 RPM, 50 Hz, IP 55 according to IEC standard, insulation class F.
•Direction of rotation clockwise, seen from the top of the motor.
•Also available with single-phase motor 230V, 50 Hz, IP 54.
Special versions:
•Oval counter flanges with stainless steel AISI 316 female threaded inlay.
•The pumps can be delivered with special motors like explosion proof,60 Hz, etc.
•Connecting flanges according to ANSI/JIS.
•Motor flanges according to NEMA.
•Mechanical seal: silicon-carbide/silicon-carbide/Viton
•Elastomers available in Viton instead of EPDM.
Material specification:
Top plate/pump foot/impellers/diffuses/sleeve : stainless steel AISI 304
Seal bush/ pump shaft : Stainless steel AISI 304
Bearings : ceramic, Al2O3 96%
Shaft protection bushes : tungsten carbide
Base plate : cast iron, GG 22
Motor lantern/ counter flanges : cast iron GG 25
Filling-, draining plug : brass
Elastomers : EPDM
Collar flanges : cast iron,GGG 40
Mechanical seal  
DPVS 2/4 : 1-10 impellers: carbon/ ceramic, Al2O3 99% 11-25 impellers: carbon/ silicon-carbide
DPVS 10 : 1-8 impellers: carbon/ ceramic, Al2O3 99% 9-20 impellers: carbon/ silicon-carbide
DPVS 14 : 1-18 impellers: carbon/ ceramic, Al2O3 99% 20 impellers: carbon/ silicon-carbide
DPVS 18 : 1-7 impellers: carbon/ ceramic, Al2O3 99% 8-16 impellers: carbon/ silicon-carbide