Horizontal selfpriming pump
•Suitable for many applications.
•After filling the pumphouse, the selfpriming pump is capable to suck in fluids even when the suction pipe is completely filled with air.
•A check valve in the suction pipework shortens the start-up time.
•Electro motor DPJ 45: IP 54, DPJ 1001 M: IP 55.


•Domestic and industrial water transportation

•Small irrigation and sprinkling
•Gardening •Re- use of rainwater
•Fountains •Car washing

Technical data:

Suction connection
DPJ 45:1"
DPJ 1001 M: 11/4"
Discharge connection
DPJ 45:1"
DPJ 1001 M: 1"
Sealing arrangement
mechanical seal, carbon/ ceramic
Maximum self-priming level
up to 8 meters.
Maximum capacity
DPJ 45
0.8 l/s (2.9 m3/h)
DPJ 1001 M
1.3 l/s (4.8 m3/h)
Maximum pressure
DPJ 45
360 kPa (37 m.w.c.)
DPJ 1001 M
440 kPa (45 m.w.c.)
Maximum working pressure
590 kPa (60 m.w.c.)
The pump is provided with CE marking in accordance with the latest regulations.
•DPJ 45: electro motor 2850 RPM, IP 54, insulation class B, 1 phase, 230 Volt with integrated thermal protection.
•DPJ 1001 M: electro motor 2850 RPM, IP 55, insulation class F 1 phase, 220/240 Volt with integrated thermal protection.
•The pump rotates clockwise seen from the motor of the pump.
Special versions:
•Oval counter flanges with stainless steel AISI 316 female threaded inlay.
•The pumps can be delivered with special motors like explosion proof,60 Hz, etc.
•Connecting flanges according to ANSI/JIS.
•Motor flanges according to NEMA.
•Mechanical seal: silicon-carbide/silicon-carbide/Viton
•Elastomers available in Viton instead of EPDM.
Material specification:
Impeller : DPJ 45 synthetic materials DPJ 1001 M stainless steel 304/1.4301
Pump casing : stainless steel 304/1.4301
Back cover : stainless steel 304/1.4301
Diffuser : synthetic materials
Shaft : stainless steel 303/1.4305
Mechanical seal : carbon/ceramic