Schneider Electrical is a Global leader in electrical distribution and industrial control with sales of Euros 8.38 billion and supremacy in the markets of over 130 countries with a work force of 67,500employees worldwide , With an extensive distrubution network we ensure that our customers find ready availability of our products and services locally .Coupled with an exceptionally customer friendly services network, Schneider Electric is poised to deliver it's promise. So when you think of Electrical Distribution, Industrial Control and Automation products you know which name to trust . Because its the name which gives you the edge.

       Schneider Electrical's vast international experience and local expertise enables the OEM
( Original Equipment Manufacturer ) of all scales and sectors to patronize the products and services being offered globally . Schneider Electric offers dedicated solutions for sectors as varied as material handling to the semiconductor industry.

       Schneider Electrical has a customer -focused team that helps in better understanding of specific customer needs, provide the appropriate solutions and foolow up with the required support. this cocept of customer focused teams is in line with the global OEM teams who provide international support. Schneider Electric strongly beleives that supporting the OEM market is a Key ingredient in assisting the OEM to satisfy the end -user customer needs, thus benefitting both OEM and end user.

The Schneider Advantage
       •The complete basket of products from one supplier allows intergration and interoperability, continuity of services lower delivery times and one window to take care of all your needs. *The global presence ensures products and services in over 130 countries.

       •Customer specfic services and machine specific solutions.

•Provide assistance in up- gradation of machines and complete assembly integration with the automatiom solutions.
       • Provide "open interoperable" communication solutions with both machine and human interface.
       • Reduce cycle time and the machine downtime by maintaining the continuity of service.

       • Large distributor network with specific customer and sector experience who understand the requirements of the machine tool OEMs.