Ours is a Family Concern first established in 1965 and comprises a group of four firms as follows running in the name of:
HBD MACHINES MANUFACTURING CORPORATION, having 2000 sq.ft. at Unit No. 103/120, Bharat Industrial Estate, Tokersee Jivraj Road, Sewree, Mumbai - 400 015. This is a pump manufacturing unit where we originally started manufacturing specialised centrifugal pumps such as vertical wet pit sump pumps, dry pit raw sewage pumps, stainless steel chemical dutv pumps etc. The factory comprises of a machine shop, assembly section, testing facilities, stores and drawing office.
•SHERATON & CO. having a built-up factory area of: 6000 sq.ft. on its own land with open compound at; Sheraton House, Walbhat Road, Opp. Laxon Electronics, Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400 063. We have also a Showroom of about 350 sq.ft. at 131 Nagindas Master Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400 023. In this factory also, we make the same pumps which we have been making in HBD Machines Manufacturing Corporation. But as there is more space available here, than in the Sewree factory, the drawing office has now been shifted to the Sheraton factory. The drawing office which is now housed in a separate air conditioned floor is now located at the Goregaon factory.

THE SHERATON PUMP CO. The Sheraton Pump Co. are authorised dealers for well known C & R Butterfly Valves manufactured at Calcutta. This firm has carried out large number of pressure booster system installations both; small domestic systems for individual showers and large systems for complete high rise buildings. One instance of the large system commissioned about a year ago is for 'KALPATARU HEIGHTS' which is a 36 floor building having luxury apartments with its own swimming pool, health club and other modem facilities.
The founder Partner Mr.Bomi E.Dadabhoy has been in the field of pumps since more than 4 decades and is a pioneer in Hydropneumatic Systems in India. The first large Hydropneumatic Systems in the country installed by him more than 49 vears ago are still in satisfactory operation.

The design of Hydropneumatic Systems has been continuously improved with each component being perfected so as to make the systems totally dependable. For instance; when bought out non-return valves were not found suitable, we ourselves designed it. These valves are operating without leakage and do not cause excessive water hammer or noise on closing. We also designed special foot valves which have minimum leakage and low pressure loss. Similarly control panel circuits have been improved so as to ensure that the systems do not fail in case of malfunctioning ofanv component as effective back-up components are provided.

We are tied up with ELBI, an Italian company that specialises in making precharged diaphragm tanks of various sizes from 5 ltrs. to 5000 ltrs. capacity. To The best of our knowledge, ELBI is the onlv company in the world that makes precharged diaphragm tanks of 3000 and 5000 ltrs. capacity. We have been appointed by them as their sole selling agents in India and haw been using their diaphragm tanks in all of our Hydropneumatic Systems since the last more than two years. Full detailed specification of the tanks can be seen from a separate section with heading "ELBI".

We are also sole selling agents for all of India for JS pumps of Taiwan. JS makes a wide range of fully submersible non clog pumps for effluent raw sewage and all other non clog application. They also make pumps with cutter and shredder mechanism as well as vortex pumps with recessed impellers for pumping large size solids. We maintain large stock of these pumps with us and have been successfullv marketing these, since the last one vear. We also stock essential spares and as we have manufacturing facilities at our disposal, we give efficient after-sales service as & when required. Full detailed specification of the pumps can be seen from separate section with heading "JS PUMPS".

We have all India wide sole selling agency of world renowned DP Holland make vertical multistage in-line all stainless steel pumps for hydropnuematic systems and five star hotel applications. We have carried out several prestigeous installations. Full detailed specification of the pumps can be seen from separate section with heading "DP PUMPS".

Quickstop Hydraulic NHT ball cocks: We are marketing a very special hydraulic float operated valve which ensures full flow in overhead tanks and as an instant dosing valve which shuts off the supply when the tank is completely full. The entire valve is made of non toxic polycarbonate suitable for a minimum working pressure of 0.2 bar and a maximum pressure of 6 bar. These valves are ideal for installing in overhead tanks in large colonies where a Hydropnuematic System is used for filling various overhead tanks. The system operates shutting off the pump at high pressure which is achieved when all overhead tanks are full and the quick stop valve close, thus developing high pressure in the system plantroom. Once stopped, the pump is restarted on a timer switch. This ensures automatic filling of various overhead tanks which mav be at different levels. Such systems are very economical as they eliminate a central RCC overhead tank which is a costly proposition. Full detailed specification of the ball cocks can be seen from a separate section with heading "NHT BALL COCKS".

We are marketing the full range of C & R brand butterfly valves manufactured by C & R in their several plants located in Calcutta, Noida Delhi and Nagpur. These valves are manufactured in hand lever operated design in sizes ranging from 40mm to 100mm. Gear operated models are available from 50mm to 300mm. These are in wafer design, larger valves are also available in flanged option ranging from 350 NB to 1000mm. Full detailed specification of the valves can be seen from a separate section with heading "C & R BUTTERFLY VALVES".

We are marketing level control switches manufactured by SJE Electro Systems, USA. Full detailed specification of the switches can be seen from a separate section with heading "SJE SWITCHES".

We have also developed new pumps for import substitution. We have been successful in manufacturing multi-outlet fire fighting pumps which until few years ago were only manufactured by Mather + Platt, Since we have succeeded in developing these pumps, they have been installed in some of the most prestigious high rise buildings in Bombay such as;
      New Reserve Bank of India building at Mint Road, Stock Exchange Building at Dalal Street, New Council Hall at Nariman Point, Oberoi Towers at Nariman Point and many more.

We have also started manufacturing and marketing constant pressure systems with variable speed drives. We have designed our panels to work with Schneider variable speed drives to give absolute maintenance and trouble free operation. These systems, just like the precharged diaphragm tanks systems can also be supplied as packaged units with all equipment mounted on a common MS fabricated base plate complete with piping, valves and cabling.

       During the last 4-5 years, we have also been in the field of Sewage Treatment Plants and Water Filtration Plants. We have exported completely automatic filtration plants to Muscat and have carried out large number of sewage treatment and swimming pool filtration plants projects all over India.

We would emphasize that although we are bidding for most of projects on HBD Pumps Contracts Corporation; manufacturing drawing office and skilled technicians of all the remaining three firms will be entirely at our disposal.

We are giving snippets of some of the prestigious contracts completed by us below. Most of our clients have given us repeat orders on their being fully satisfied with the quality of our service and equipment. We are enclosing herewith recommendatory letters received from some of our valued customers and also a few of our catalogues for your ready reference.

We trust, we have given all the information required by you. Should you require any further information and/or details, we shall be pleased to furnish on hearing from you.